need advice wheather to buy a wr450f

:confused:Who has (extensive) experience with XR650R AND a wr450f?

I am and have been using a XR650 for the past 2 years in different terrain. Mainly in France in mountainous areas, long stretches as well as dense woods, following small streams, muddy trails, sandy roads, about 200 km's a day (8-10 hours a day). I really enjoy the xr but when it really gets narrow, steep and/or dense, bigger rocks, fallen trees, it is quite heavy and I could use a little more manoeuvrability and less weight. I am thinking of buying the wr450f. Who can give me some advice? Will I miss the torque, high speed stability,?? TNX

I am in the same boat as you my friend. I am currently trying to sell my beloved 650 for a WR450F. I love the BRP but I ride mostly in the tight woods in New England and at my age (43) am ready for a bike with electric start. I haven't ridden a 450 yet but from all I have heard and read it is the bike to get. The problem at the moment is at least here in the North East US there are none to be had....

I have a 2000 XR650R for sale great shape with lots of extras if anyone is interested... :)

If weight is the issue you want to avoid (and I agree with your points totally after having a XR6) then think about a 250 class bike.

Yamaha has the WR250 which is a great bike. I have heard a 280cc bore kit makes it even better with lots more power in the midrange where the bike lacks.

But really wait. Save up the pennies for the new CRF250x. The honda rep says it is coming with a 6sp and 50hp. If it hits/revs anything like the crf450 you will not be able to find one! Hopefully it turns out as good as the rep makes them sound.

Dont kid yourself, at best it will be comparable to a WR250F.

Do you think that is rear wheel hp or maybe it is measured at the top of the piston? I'll eat a dirty air filter if that 250 makes 50 hp anywhere!

i'll eat the filter and drink a bottle of filter oil if that thing puts out 50 hp stock, at the crank or rearwheel. regardless, it still should be a sweet bike.

There is now way a 4 stroke 250 is going to produce 50hp stock. Not gonna happen! Think about it, for a 1/4 litre 4- stroke engine to make that kind of power, the rpms would have to be totally outrageous. Since they only rev to around 13k or so, and only half of the rpms are power strokes, then that figure is imaginary. Bet on about 33-36hp maximum, stock, for a 4 stroke 250. I have ridden the YZF 250, and it feels like a 125 with a very wide power band, if that gives you any idea of what it feels like.


That is what the factory rep is saying about the bike. He said to make the bike, they bought a 250F yamaha, added every power upgrade out there on the aftermarket, all the CF pieces to it, anything to make it faster and lighter. So they have a works yz250F and gave it to the engineers as a target.

Will it make target? remains to be seen. But should be a good bike regaurdless. Basically what will happen is each company leap frogging the other with new models for a while.

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