It's this fast (WR400)...

I've got a CR250, professionally ported. When I race my buddy on his '01 XR650 (power up mods done, and W.B. exhaust) I beat him by about a bike length halfway through 5th (then he's gone).

When I race him on his xr and i'm on my '00 WR400 it's dead even up to about 65mph. He's 25 lbs heavier than me, though. My throttle stop is removed, FMF power bomb header, FMF power core muffler, twin air, Michelin on rear. The mj is too lean also; i'm waiting on the jet so it should be faster out of the hole. So there you have it for those who care.

I care and like the results :D:):D


What happens at 65?

I've got a bud with the same bike and I can stay in front on anything except a long dirt road.

I'd say he's got 10 to 15 mph more top end speed.

Anybody know the topend speed on a 01 wr426 with all free mods.

It feels like low to mid 80's.

Well Husky, at 65 he basically takes off. I forgot to mention the rear sprocket is 2 teeth larger than stock on my WR400, so I am losing some on top. He's clocked his at 95mph (he's got a speedo on it). Trust me, the XR 650 is faster top speed, but it's supposed to be. It's a desert bike. You should see him fight that Big Red Pig through single track, though. Heart attack candidate.

My buddy kept trying to drag me with his YZ125... I crushed him... He'll never learn...

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