JE piston Pain in the #*$

I'm ready to take a hammer to this stupid piston. wish I had just bought a stock piston with normal snap rings!!!! Anyone know the trick to getting these stupid retaining clips in. Just spent 30 minutes trying to get the first one in on the bench and finally gave up. how am I supposed to get the hard one in if I can't even get the easy one in???? And what is with only two rings instead of three? Any one want to buy a piston?:excuseme::smirk:

Not sure about JE but the CP piston I just installed has clips too and I have done several 2 stoke with the same style of clip.

The trick is to get one end in then hold the clip to the side of the piston with your finger away from where it is started and put a bit of pressure on it toward where you have the clip in to keep it in there., now with your "free" hand use a small screw driver to push the clip in starting at where it is already started and work your way around keep the side pressure on a bit. Once you get it about half way in it will go easier. It may take a few tries but it should go. Just be patient it will go.

Another tip is to cover the crankcase with a rag or you'll be trying to fish a clip out of there.

thanks, I was trying to use pliers and after the clip flying across the room 20 times I was getting frustrated with it. your technique worked much better than what I was trying, and I finally got it after another few tries after a little walk away. I don't know why they would use such a ridiculous clip. I'm sure it will be a pain to remove too. It's back to oem after this. Thanks again.:excuseme:

Describe the clip. It is a simple wire ring with no hooks or eyes on it?

sounds like it is, they are not that bad, every 2 stroke i have rebuilt has had them. once u get the trick down u dont need a screwdriver and can get them in by hand

... I'm sure it will be a pain to remove too. It's back to oem after this. Thanks again.:excuseme:

My CP piston and other two stroke pistons have a notch machined into them at the retaining ring so you can get them out easier. I know some makes of pistons don't though.

Any piston machined correctly to use endless wire retainer rings such as the one below would have an access groove cut into the circlip groove so that a pick can be used to dislodge the seated clip. The groove the ring sits in must be half round.


If the piston has no access cut into the retainer groove, and the retainer groove is half round, it is made for wire "piston rings" like the one below with tails on them so they can be managed with pliers.


If the groove is cut with a squared cross section, wire rings of any kind are inappropriate, and the piston is made for "TruArc" type snap rings, like the OEM style below.


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