KTM 520 vs WR 450

I currently have a 99 WR400 and 01 KTM 520. I do some hare scrambles but my main ride is the Colorado 500 each year. My plan was to get a new WR450 this year and my wife may make me go down to one bike (Not as in "make", a real man in in control of his woman and doesn't need to ask but it makes her feel hse has some authority!). But I have been a little dissapointed by what I read, primiarly on weight. It looks like by the time I fill it up with gas I am back to 300 lbs. I do not know if the WR is any lighter than my KTM 520 EXC, any one know for sure how this will stack up on the scale? Since I do ride at high altitude, more power is always better. Anyone know how the power of the WR450 and KTM 520 stack up? I doubt the Yamaha could have as incredible of an engine as the KTM but my motive to going back to a Yamaha as my primiary bike is that I am sure the Yamaha will have better suspension. I always add heavier springs for the track but I am sure the KTM has flex. I am basically an old 2 stroker and the weight of these 4 strokes almost makes me ill. Should I just concede and go back to a 2 stroke where they start easy enough that 30 lbs for an e-button is not needed?

Either bike would be a wise choice, both bikes will have somthing go wrong with them some where along the line and both bikes will need some changes when you get it, so its aalllll up to you :):D

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