2005 WR450 Dual Sport in ME?

My friend just bought a 2005 WR450 and he's planning to dual sport it here in Maine. Anyone else here been able to do this recently? Supposedly there's a new law that makes this tricky to do now here. Also, any suggestions on what would be the best kit for him to use? The Baja Designs one looks ok, I like the fact that it actually uses the stock headlight compared to most of their kits.

check with Woody's at Topsham or Central Maine Powersports at Lewiston


Maine Cycle in Lewiston/ Auburn they will point you in the right direction.:doh:

Thanks we will look into it!

when looking for a dual sport kit, I will share my horrible experiance of the Electro Sport Dakar Kit. Not even the kit as much as the bad customer service.

Get a Trick Dual Sport Kit

Good Luck

I am the friend of Skeld with the WR450. I was able to plate the bike, now I am in search of a dual sport kit to purchase. I am leaning toward the Baja Designs kit, if any one has pictures of this kit installed on a WR450 I would love to see them. Thanks for the help.

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