Wanted: WR450 Jetting Table based on experience

Has anyone managed to compile a table of jetting specs based on;


Pipe Selection

Riding Terrain

Experience with the tried and tested, trial and error approach

There are so many threads, so many questions and so many differing combinations, choosing the right jetting for our bikes is a challenge to say the least.

The 450 carb is so much more refined without needing the BK Mod, Taffy Mod etc etc the jetting needed should be getting more and more standard.

Motoman did a great job for the 426, I wonder if someone has all the info in a spreadsheet or similar they would like to share on the 450?

Manufacturers specs only go so far based on the discussions already held here on TT .......

I will post one after a year of riding from 700 feet to 12,000. feet. I will use motoman393's chart as a basis and fill in as much as I can. I am going to do it for myself. I do not know how accurate my chart will be but I hope to get people good starting points for jetting. There is a lot of good info on this site already from members all over the US.

Fantastic, cheers Indy

To start you will probably get the Euro spec bikes like us

these come with 160 Main and 48 Pilot, which so far seems to be right for the guys at sea level.

When I put my Thunder Alley on, I went up to a 165 Main and left everything else stock

also keeping in mind that our bikes come with a richer needle than the US models

If you use this as an inital starting point you will Ok

If I need to change I will substitute my numbers in Motomans jetting chart which is probably very close to being on the Button.

When is your bike due?

Dealer rang today said it will be here next Thursday ... :):D :D :D

I hope so. :D

They are all in Oz at the moment getting all the ADR compliant stuff, speedo, blinkers etc etc

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