Does anyone else think quads are wrecking trails?

sometimes it's nice to have a little wider trail, especially on top of a twisty ridge. Rode a 4X4 four wheeler with relatives in the Bighorns in Wyoming and had a great time. Isn't the four wheeler that's the problem. :) It's the damned riders!!

I love to ride anything with wheels. Too bad some folks are irresponsible and trash out our riding areas.


I guess we can place quad riders in with Inbreading rednecks named Bubba. Ya know the kind that the family tree has no branches, Trailor trashing jerry springer types.

Perhaps the most successful answer to the singletrack vs ATV width trail issue is the Hatfield-McCoy riding area at Edna WV. There are about 60 miles of ORV trails at Edna. 80% are ATV width, most of these are fun challenging for trail bike riders due to the rocks and hillclimbs. The 4WD ATVs actually do better than the dirt bikes up some of the loose rock hillclimbs. The other 20% of the trails are tight singletrack for bikes only. These trails are marked motorcycle only and have logs propped up at ATV heights on both sides of the trail to keep ATVs out. Not just at the trail head, but at several points a few hundred yards into the trail, so if an ATV rider found a way to get past the first set, the rider still couldn't make it through. I didn't see any evidence of ATV riders trying to use the singletrack trails. Anyway, when you put together a loop of the ATV width trails and single track, it makes an excellent loop for trailbike riders, and there are plenty of ATV width trails for the ATV riders.

Originally posted by E.G.O.****:


I guess we can place quad riders in with Inbreading rednecks named Bubba. Ya know the kind that the family tree has no branches, Trailor trashing jerry springer types.

Hmmm..., I climb aboard a quad on occasion. I think I know what you mean, though. Ever since I started doing that, my sister is starting to look good to me and I find myself bothered by the fact that my house doesn't rock when I plop down on the sofa to suck down a twelve pack. Why, just the other day, I found myself kicking through the garbage strewn across my lawn to find another piece of tin foil to put on the TV antenna so I can pick up the channel that carries the Jerry Springer show. :D

Those voices in your wife's head are getting to you, man. :)

Hey, I know what you mean, last time I rode a quad, I found myself buying NASCAR stickers and putting them on the back window of the pickup truck, I then had an urge to remove the wheels from my car and put it in the yard on cinder blocks, and something about putting a couch out there too and chaining dogs to an axle,,, I dont know, I was lucky, I snapped out of it and took the stickers off the truck,,,, NASCAR,,, huh, it wasnt even my truck either :) !

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Hey NeWRiver, that last post just about made fall off of my high horse laughing...kudos! (LMFAO)

Personally I ride both quads and bikes. I see all sorts of morons on BOTH. I've seen more drunk 2 wheeled riders than 4 up here pulling stupid stunts and tearing up track than the 4 wheeler boys.

Unfortuantely there will always be an inherent rivalry between bikes and quads (like Ford VS Chevy) so I suppose we will just have to deal with it. No matter how much you folks would want to see nobody tearing up tracks and running through pristine territory there will always be one jerk on a bike or quad to ruin it.

'nuff said.

FWIW I have found trails in the Grand Lake area of Colorado that are ATV only, with a forest service sign that says "to reduce conflicts" and some in the Taylor Park area that are closed to ATV's. This gives some to each group while keeping the majority open to all. I think it's a nice comp. and keeps us all working together.

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