Im stuck need help Gray?

I putting my engine back together but for the life of jebrew I cant get the chain on my cams:banghead: :excuseme: , is there a trick to doing it theres just not enough slack in the chain?By the way i have a 98 yz400f

Cam chain tension not yet installed? Once the chain is on the sprockets, install it and then release the tension (you must screw in the plunger and lock it there during this process.)

So you are saying it has to be instlalled first? I dont have the tension in it yet

The chain cannot be run over the cams while they are in place. Position the exhaust cam with the chain over it and in time with the crank. Then place the intake cam between the two cam saddles and drop the chain over it. Count 13 pins of chain between the two marks at 12:00 o'clock on the two sprockets to get you close.

Now, roll the intake cam into place in the rear saddle. Rotate all 3 shafts back a little, then turn the crank forward to TDC to check the TDC mark, the "E" on the exhaust cam, and the "I" on the intake to be sure it's in time. Adjust timing as needed. Always recheck the timing again after installing the tensioner.

If there still is not enough slack to make the assembly, you will have to remove the flywheel and stator plate to check for an extra link of chain drooping from the bottom of the crank sprocket, which can happen if you haven't bee quite careful enough in moving things around. Unbolt the bottom of the rear tensioner shoe if necessary to straighten things out.

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