i have a wr and was wondering as i only use it on the road at the moment (work etc) what should the maintenance routine be oil etc its seems a bit much to change oil every other week i'm probably only doing 100 miles or so a week ,,do any WR sumpermoto owners have any info on what they do with their bike and when?................

I put 2500 miles on my bike with the same oil. I don't think its a big deal as long as the oil doesn't break down or get dirty. I've only been out hard riding for about 150 miles with almost no dust. The oil still looks new and smells good... but i think it's time to change it. :)

I've ridden my 99 WR about 12000 km since last July. It was a new bike and since it was a previous year's model I got it cheap. I've done my riding mostly on trails and gravel roads. I've kept about a 1000 km oil change interval and did my first valve clearance check/adjust at 6000 km. Now it's about the time for the second check/adjust. No problems so far.

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