Wanted: Stock WR400F Exhaust Muffler


A friend with a 99 YZ400F and I are looking to quiet his bike down. Anyone with a stock muffler who would like sell, please E-Mail me at DucatiSSsp@worldnet.att.net or pm me here on TT. Please include $$ wanted.



Why not go for one off a 01 or 02 WR426?

They have that nice stainless finish. Look a lot better than the coal black color of the 99's.

just my 2 cents!

Pay the shipping and I will give you the stock pipe off of my 99' WR400.


Touche' RPS.

I'd say that beats a stainless! :)

New jesture Roger ole boy....Im sure someone will reward you

Thanks Roger,

I sent you a e-mail with some info.

Thanks to all the others who replied!!

Hopefully my riding buddy and myself will have a funfilled week of riding @ Hollister SVRA. Hope to hit Livermore while were down there.

Thanks to all,


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