Geart Ride at Geeeeeorgetown

We all had a geart ride at georgetown on sat 8-31-02 Mike from roseville and randy with his son and Paul with myself put in a fantastic loop, of single track ,hill climbs and some bicthen down hills temps were good 67 morning just right.Mike on his KTM found out why they make lock-tigth,I showed them some of the best trails there (unmarked but legal).On a second note they have realy cut the trails up and closed a lot with there handy work, there will be more erosion then 10 years of bike ridding could do,them being the forest service.Paul,mike,Rany,Justin I had a geart time.

Monty :)

[ September 01, 2002, 07:13 PM: Message edited by: MONTY ]

amazing ride as always, Monty has a GPS in his brain although his cell phone does belong in the smithosian. Monty's cell phone is as big as the seat on this bike. :D Ranger dick was nowhere in sight, which made the ride even better. That last hill climb up the granite slab as awesome :D need to see some of the additional pics. At any rate, had a great time great conversation and all would have ended well if I had not tried to load the bike via riding up the ramp. Ego was definately bruised on that one. :) Ready for the next ride.


Mike more pic,s on the way,do you know how to post them on TT?


That was a good ride! I am still sore. :D Monty is a great trail boss. Just about the time you think you've had enough he finds the nastiest narliest trails to get you home on! :D Mike, it was good riding with you again. That side ways back flip off the trailer was especially cool! :):D

Wish I could have been there. I was up on my roof trying to finish that project (I'll be done today).


Mikey, you missed another great ride. We need to go soon. FYI to Ratso, your son Justin is a very good rider, enjoyed the day even though the laughs were at my expense.


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