XR6 Shock Removal

I am planning on having my rear shock serviced by the local suspension guy. To get the $75 rate I need to remove the shock, which I have yet to do. Is this a difficult procedure? Are there any tips or tricks I need to know beforehand? I prefer to try these things myself as opposed to having a shop do all of the work. Please help if you have any pointers.

Thanks in advance


It is pretty easy.

First get the bike off the wheels. use a bucket or something under it and make sure it is stable.

Remove the side panels and the seat.

Now you have access to the top shock bolt. Loosen and remove the nut. Leave the bolt in there.

now look at the lower end of the shock in the linkage. Remove the nut and bolt there. You may find it easier to get to the lower bolt by taking out the top shock bolt and then adjust the rear wheel height with a jack or tiedowns from the swingarm around the top of the airbox frame there.

Once the shock us unbolted, you can wiggle it out. If you want more room, you can always remove the airbox and that makes things even easier.

You should consider getting a Clymers manual for the bike. Has a ton of things for maintaining and servicing the bike you will use.

Thanks Matt. I do have the Clymer manual, but was looking for an easier way. The manual states the airbox needs to be removed, but if I can slide it out the bottom I will go that route. Is this the way everyone else does it?



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