My new to me 04 WR450

Hey guys I went down to the USA when the canadian dollar was at parity (A while ago I know, but I tore my rotator cuff and havent ridden since). Picked it up for $3500. The bike was worth closer to 5000$ here at the time so I thought it worked out well for me.

Anyways, just a hello to the WR forum and a question..

What exhaust is this? Clearly not the stock or stock with GYTR..anyone know? YZ? Something weird?


Also curious what tank and capacity it is on there?:


Anyways, already learned a lot! Grey wire mod done, and some other freebies.

It has a $1000 racetech gold valve with respring etc suspension job, so it rides REALLY nice.

Also got a new rear trials tire and will be checking out how that feels when my TT order comes in!


That looks like a yz can. That tank is the ims 3.2, make sure on the fuel lines there are some heat shields coming from the right to left side. Nice bike, I love mine.

The right side seems to just be plugged off, so I just tip the bike if I run out, gets me another half gallon or so :doh:

Thanks on the can, at least now I know!

Also, never sit on a trials tire..OUCH it grabs you.

well you got a better deal than you thought, that is an 05 model. It's a stock wr pipe, you can tell its an 05 model by the front forks and the routing of the front brake cable as well as that exhaust can, unless someone has changed the front forks to 05's as well as the can, but i doubt it.

I think it's the stock can as well?, take the end cap off and have a look inside?

Just look on the tire side of the can... it will be stamped with the USFS Approved S/A stamp... that will tell you it's a WR can... yeah it looks like an 05'. Do you have a pic of the tail? It probably has the GYTR insert if it's a larger diameter... thats a good in-expensive and quiet set up:thumbsup:

Yeah, the rear number plates also have grab holes on both sides, a feature absent from the 03-04 wr.

Yeah, the rear number plates also have grab holes on both sides, a feature absent from the 03-04 wr.

04' had one on the right side only right? (Albeit too small to get your hand into)

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