What is it?

On the back side of my front fender just below were the lower triple clamp meets the fender I've got what looks like oil or grease stains. I've been riding in pretty hot weather, almost a 100. My guess is its the grease melting and running down the fender. But I was wonder what you guys think it is. Any help would be much appreciated.

Yes, the grease off the steering head bearing leaks out. The YZF has the oil in the frame area up there and when it gets really hot it melts some grease out of the head bearings. Your best bet is to use a high temp waterproof grease. Cheaper grease won't withstand high temps as much and melt out at a lower temp.

Do you run your gas vent line down into the steering nut on your upper tripple through the head tube??? If so, it's gas vapor that has run down the head tube, and collected on the fender, mixed with the daily dose of dirt.

Happens to mine when it's really hot out and the gas vents a lot......

Dodger :):D

Dodger, I'd have to say that I'm with you on this one. I run my breather through the steering head. And the stains on the fender aren't that grease like you would expect of melted grease. Thanks for the info.

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