how good is the stock 07 pipe?

I have an 07 and was wondering if the stock exhaust for that year is hard to beat. I dont care about sound except for quieter possibly but I want to see some performance if im going to drop money on this. I have heard that the 08-09 models need new pipes but never heard of the 07.

People always over hype pipes so just cause it sounds cool doesnt mean your bike is reacting a lot different. just dont want to be shined on.

We put an 06 stock pipe on my sons 07. Lasts faster

The '07 system is pretty good, fairly quiet. Not too much improvement in aftermarket pipes in terms of peak power, but systems like the DRD do punch up the low end "some". If you need a spark arrestor, you can use a DRD or PMB add-on, or buy a DRD SS system with it in place.

Here's my criteria on pipes:

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