Anyone remove electric start from WR450?

Has anyone removed the electric start from a WR450F?

If so:

How difficult was it?

How much weight did it take off of the bike?


No, and I haven’t removed the leather seats out of the Acura either. What do I know anyway, go for it if that makes the difference between 1st and 2nd place.

Why get rid of that wonderful button! When you are in the middle of a gruelling hare scamble and have an exhausting get off it is so nice to get back on and just hit the e- button.

A freind(senior A rider) of mine took the e start and battery off his WR450 before he ever rode the thing. I sure he saved alot of weight, but I don't know what he did about where the starter gear goes into the case.I can find out if you want.

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