Best boots,SIDI or TECH8??????

They're both excellent boots. Unfortunately, trying on a pair of new tech 8's won't do them justice. It takes a ride or two to break them in, and then they do feel great, but I'm sure sidis do too. I have two pairs of tech 8's, and other than some broken buckle bases on the old pair (all of which were taken care of by the mfr (excllent customer support) and soft soles on my new tech 8's, the boots are great and last a long time. Finally wore out the soles on my old tech 8's after five years of 35+ rides per year and had sidi soles put on. I'm good for another ten years!

CAB, How long have you had your new Tech8's?

I just bought a pair 3 weeks ago and the sole seems harder than it used to be on my old pair.

I just wonder if they got wind of their "wimpy" soles and done a upgrade.

I have a pair of tech-6's, I didn't like the bootie in the 8. I tried on the SIDI, and they felt fine, but for me money was a factor so I went with the 6. Oh yeah and a nice pair of lightly padded socks. :)

My "new" tech 8's are two years old and I have heard the same thing, Alpinestars has improved the compound on the new boots and the soles should hopefully last longer now.

Good deal. Thats what I was hoping to hear.

Anyone else out there with brand new Tech8's that might have noticed?

I went to the SIDI dealer today and tried some Force`s on. Best thing is he also had some TECH 8`s. The force boots definatly fit my feet better. I also liked the fact that they wer`nt so danm stiff. I kind of liked the replacable soles better than the sewn on type.I wear a 12 and the sewn on sole with its overhang around the edges seemed huge. The replacable sole was much more streamlined. I paid the nice gal,AND I DO MEAN NICE GAL, $300 to order me a pair and ship them straight to my door. Can`t wait to give them a try. THANKS AGAIN FOR ALL THE HELP!!!!!!!!

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