free power doesnt work for me

Hello. I first started my participation in this forum last week and i noticed the most discussed line here was the free power mods. Well, this weekend i pulled off my tools and i started this mods. First, the carb. I did what you guys told about modifying the throtlle surprise, my carb doesnt have that torque screw as shown on some pictures here. I checked with full throtle and it opens all the way. Well, next mod...the famous grey wire. I located this wire, it was there no doubt but it leads to nowhere. On other words, i followed the route of the grey wire and it leads to a dead end. Its not grounded or atached to any other wire. Now, the cam timing and airbox mod...hhooo yes...this is really something. The bike has another life in high rpm. Only changed my jetting to match the extra ammount of air. It rocks, the power, the noise, its great. One thing i did noticed was the extra heat in my ass due to the lack of the airbox cover. will be great for those cold days...hahahaa. :)


The Grey wire and Throttle stop are only for the US models. What country is your bike from?

I have the Canadian model and it doesn't come with these either. But it has a welded on exhaust tip. :)

Junior_Vet - Do you run WR or YZ cam timing with the stock exhaust set up ?

My bike is european model. Didnt knew they were different from US models. Yes, i got the welded tip on the exhaust. I replaced it for a DOMA racing even before i started the bike for the first time.


2002 WR426f

Doma racing exhaust

Marzocchi magnum


Magura handlebar

Magura hydraulic clutch

YZ timing

Airbox mod

Forgot to say...i`m from portugal (home of some of the best enduro trails ever known by humans). :):D

The mods you can do to a European (or Canadian or Australian) model include the YZ cam timing, the airbox lid, and the BK mod (depending on the year model)

The throttle stop, the removable baffle and the grey wire are mods for the US bikes only...

Try a JamesNOW!... that is something you will be bale to do to your bike...




At this point the bike has WR ex cam timing, however I have a YZ cam in the garage. I haven't been able to break in the engine yet and I don't want to do the cam swap until the engine is broken in. Too many unknown things at once will not be good.

Once it is broken in, and working correctly, I'll swap the cam. I think that the Cdn WR exhaust will be fair, even with the YZ timing. I'm looking for a stock '03 YZ silencer though.

Ideally, I'd like to end up with a YZ with e-start, wide ratio, and protection for offroad. :)

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