Nothing but thumbs

I just wanted to post my thanks to this site. In late Novemver while I was recovering from surgery I was surfing Craigs looking for a cheap 450 to buy after selling my old 98 snowmobile. Without alot of money to lay down on a bike, I settled on a '03 yz450f with a thrown rod(hole in case ect. ect.). With out all of the great TT'ers I think I would have been lost trying to figure out what to buy used, new, have repaired and change or modify. In the end I found all my parts and I fired up the '03 for the first time last sunday and with a little screw tuning the bike runs great. I even experienced the glowing orange header pipe(looks cool at night with the lights out). I never thought a red hot exhaust could make you feel so good. To bad the weather has now crapped out on me now and I can't even ride!!:banana: ! aww well I'll do my fork seals first then.

But for all who helped me figure this thing out :doh::snore::lol:

Thanks alot this site rocks :eek: ride on people.

You could also post some pics while your waiting on the weather... :doh:

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