subframe pic

Does anyone have a picture of the subframe from an 06 or above YZ 450, preferably the bare subframe installed on the bike, I need to see what it is supposed to look like..


The sub frame on my 06




yz480doinwork, thanks alot for the pics, much appreciated..

looking at the rear extensions on the subframe, are they parrallel to each other, or is the exhaust side a little higher? the exhaust side on mine got bent pretty good and is higher than the other side, I am trying to see how much I need to bend it back down..


I bent mine back to level. On a 07'. Probly same sub-frame.

i wheelied mine over backwerds and bet the exhaust side pretty good. i bent it back level but couldnt get it bent back parrallel. but the rubber mount exhaust deal was enought to make it work. long as you get it close it should be fine

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