selling r6 to get another yz

hey im selling my 05 raven r6 to get cash to purchase another yz450, i want to build a supermoto. is it worth getting an 08 over an 07? i see alot of 07's for sale and a small handfull of 08's. Are the major differences between the years of bikes

The '08 head has more potential. If you're really going to go after big ponies, that alone could be worth what should be a fairly small price difference. Otherwise, for SM, they're about equal.

ok great, i found an 08 the guy said he would take 3500

ok great, i found an 08 the guy said he would take 3500

Dang! Good for you.:doh:

well i sold my R6, im going to look at that 08 today if all is good it will be coming home with me.


picked it up yesterday didnt get home till late. it has warp 9 wheels on it, ill get some pics

ok got the pics, my garaged is thrashed im juggling some projects right now, putting a solid front axle and 4 inch lift on my 94 yota. I need to get some graphics on the bike lose the seat cover and clean it up.




H O T.

Nice! Got a steal for that...didnt know Warp 9 made blue...

it needs a few things, im turning it into a supermoto so its going to get a makeover.

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