I am reporting something that a lot of you allready know. The WR450 is an outstanding enduro mount. Finished the Concho enduro in Texas this weekend and feel real confident that the 450 was a good choice. Spoke to several other new owners and their opinions were the same as mine. The terrain was quite variable with lots of ROCKS and rocky hillclimbs with rocky ledges and, well, you get the idea but there were some good tight turny loamy stretches thru the trees and then some more rocks. I crashed and inspite of good aluminium handgaurds bent the fitting that goes into the front brake resivoir and one of the copper gaskets started leaking brake fluid and for the last quarter of the race I had no front brake but still made a respectable finish. You guys from Austin gonna be in Turkey in two weeks? Tim

I'm not from Austin, but I'll see ya in Turkey!


Hey..we are foing to race a Hare Scramble that weekend..Next Enduro we make will be Kachina...We ordered fenders from Rocky Mtn and are will be going over our entire bikes this weekend to make sure everything is still in tact.

Good luck on the Hare Scramble. Will likewise be at Kachina. There are refrences on this board to jetting (I believe the flyer said altitude was 6-7 thousand) but since I am so close I plan to lean out just a little and run up to NM. and check it and will let you know what I find out. Tim

all I am going to do is drop main from 158 to 150..or about 5%....that is all it will take.

Usually when I go to the mountains I plan for some 10,000 and above but since this is only 7000 leaning out the main to a 155 or 150 may be all it takes to keep it crisp. This is my first pumper and dont know alot about what to expect. If I dont have to raise the clip on the needle it will tickle me to death cause it takes me at least 30 min.. I had planned to go to a 45 pilot also. Tim

no reason to mess with needle..this is my 3rd WR..I have been as high as 12k and all you have to do is adjust Main and it will run just perfect.

Outstanding! That makes it easy. Tim

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