WR450F Shims & Rack

Just bought 04 WR450, when you do valve adjustments, so I don’t have to buy a kit, what diameter of and what thickness shims do you need to have handy? I do have noise I am not use to hearing from my 01 WR250, thought I better check the valves. Supposedly the bikes odometer has never been reset and it shows 845 miles.

Need a rack to carry three 50oz Primus Fuel bottles and a small tail bag. I have researched the forum and came up with racks to look at, except the one below.

I have looked at several racks, Cycleracks (bigger than I think I need), Pro Moto Billet (nice, but more than I would like to spend), and maybe a couple of others (can’t remember).

Looking at this rack, comments? Price is good, weights 2 lbs, construction looks good, platform 7X9” a little small for my 3 50 oz Primus Fuel bottles I think diameter are 3.5” each but may work okay.

I have looked at various larger tanks that comes with it own set of obstacles (expense, overheating the gas, extra petcock), expanding my tank with hot water, gas in the rubber bag, seems like if it's been talked about here I might have read it, too much so I am sure I missed alot, anyway, letting you know I have looked around a bit before posting.

Open to ideas, do you carry toolkits and where do you put them?





With shims - you won't know until you pull the buckets to see what is in there.

We have a performance shop (non brand specific) around us who will do a straight up swap for shims that aren't modified or the laser etching worn beyond recognition, so all you do it take your old shims in and swap for new ones of the right size - no cost to you.

Max the bike is out of commission is about 24 hours.

Nice rack (always thought I'd only tell girls that). I have a moose bag bolted to the rear fender for small items I may need, the rest goes in a backpack.

Great you have a performance shop close willing to work with you like that. Maybe a shop close will keep some on hand if I need a few.

I will probably have my camelbak on so that will rule out a backpack. Thanks for your feedback.

I doubt your bike needs an adjustment at 845 miles.

If your valves are out of adjustment the bike gets hard to start.

If your bike starts easily then I'd leave it alone.

I doubt the valves are making any noise as they tighten up from wear not loosen up.

BTW that rack looks nice!

Thanks for the info on the valves! I guess the rack is a go.

If I'm racing, I wear my tools on a toolbelt. Its nice and low and surprisingly comfortable.

If its a play ride, then I store the tools in my OGIO vest.

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