yz426 lost fifth gear help please

5th gear on my 426 felt like the clutch was slipping, I shrugged it off I dont use 5th a whole lot anyway. Now when I select 5th there is no drive at all, just like its in neutral. Im finding it hard not to carry on riding, I've tried my hand at d.i.y mechanics & its usually resulted in failure & or the creation of another unrelated problem & subsequently a trailer ride to the bike shop . Does anyone have any information about my transmission problem? & an idea of how much a fix is likely to set me back?:doh:

If you've would searched the forum, you would have seen that it's a known problem with transmissions: first the 5th, then the 3rd gear goes away. Usually you can engage the gear, but instantly it pops out and it is caused by worn dogs on the transmission gears and/or possibly also bent/used shift fork. If you're not confident with your mech abilities, take it to a shop.

Don't know about the costs, since we live on (almost) the other part of the world :doh:

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