Metal chunks in sump????

I have an 06 450. To cut a long story short, i recently stripped the bolt on the hose from the frame to the sump. The one just under the clutch on the right hand side. At the time i didn't have a tap set so i thought i would rund a new bolt in to clean out the thread a little bit before i connect the hose again. In doing so i managed to put the bolt through the back of the blind hole. I knew i was in trouble before oil started pissing out everywhere when i took the bolt out. I have since ripped the side cover off and found a couple of good size chunks of metal that when put back in the right spot shows me there is more missing. I estimate that there is a piece about 5mm by 5mm unaccounted for. I have tried flushing the sump with methylated spirits and also fuel using a little pressure sprayer and also picked the bike up on it's side and shook it but alas no metal chunks. So my question is in 2 parts -

1. How the hell can i find it?

2. where is it likely to go if i don't find it?

A third question might be for any new swear words cause i have tried them all and it hasn't helped. And yes i know i am an idiot for doing this in the first place.

Thanks in advance for any help.


1 take it apart!!!!!!!

2 somewhere you can't get it.

3 obama

Short of cracking the case, i have got about as much out of the way as i can to try and find the little sucker. Would be nice and easy if it wasn't aluminium i could just find it with a magnet.

PS i think obama is better than Kevin Rudd (Krudd)

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