03' wr450?

I currently ride a 02'yz 426. I want to go with e-start and wide ratio trans. I love my yz for MX but not the best for woods. And when the engine dies during a scramble, it is a pain to get going again. So what are the problems with the WR450? I am a blue/white guy but the orange offers a lot of good things too?

we just put 150 miles on 5 wr450S sat & sun and had nothing but fun,all the bikes ran great! nobody had any complaints.these bikes are great!!!! :)

No real problems with the WR450. It is a solid bike. A little on the tall side. I think that can be a down fall for shorter riders in technical terrain when putting a foot down can save you from a get off. If I was under 5'8" I would look at the Huskies with 36" seat heights.


if you dont mind me asking, where did you get the devol radiator guards and how much?


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