2002 WR426 won't stay running once black cold start button is pushed in?

Brake cleaner is nice for cleaning carbs and jets, but dont use it on rubber or plastics just for safe.

Sounds like it's lean if the exhaust turns red fast so dont ride it until you fixed it!

James how'd you make out?

I couldn't get the bike running. Took it the the local Yamaha dealer. They tore the carb apart and got it running. Once I got the bike home, it started right up, took it for a 1/2 mile trip around the block and it just flat out quit in 3rd gear, while it was running fine. I'm getting spark, and compression is good (according to the dealer) I'm absolutely frustrated now.

Replace the pilot, flush the fuel tank, remove the float bowl, ensure there is no debris in it.

Did the dealer flush the tank?

Embarrassed now. I knew there was gas in the tank so I unplugged the line from the pit cock (think that's what you call it), and no gas was coming out. Turned to reserve and what do you know, gas flowed. I am surprised at how much gas is in the tank but does not flow when "on" is selected. Runs great now. Guy at the dealer said to never use stable and to drain the tank and float bowl every winter. Live and learn I guess. Thanks for all of the responses.

So... you need a new petcock?

Stabil is a good thing to keep in the bike. Either that or completely drain (this means pull the tank, get every drop, remove the float bowl, make it dry.

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