Is there a "better" place to mount my (Moose) Roll Chart Holder?

Since mounting it anywhere on the cross bar, or near my levers will provide me with an:

"Unconditional Money Back Guarantee to Break Instantly when I Hit the Ground"

I would like to go somewhere else w/ it. It will not fit on the main bar between the handlebar clamps, and I suppose I could somehow fabricate a bracket w/ lots of ductape, some lockwire, electrical tape, nails, hammer and drywall plaster :) .

Just wondering if someone else has come up w/ something I am looking for??


[ September 02, 2002, 10:35 AM: Message edited by: NH Kevin ]

I belong to an enduro club here in So Calif. Most of the riders just build a dashboard for computer stuff, and just mount the roll chart holder to the left handlebar between the dashboard and the clutch perch. It's all right out in harm's way, so a good crash may be costly. Too bad there isn't a better solution yet.

I don't use a roll chart holder right now since I started using the Procomp computer. I may add it back on to do AMA races, but so far have not felt the need.

I was able to tuck the Procomp down behind the stock number plate/headlight housing in a protective aluminum box right where the stock odo was. That has been fine so far.


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