Bar Riser Help!

I am trying to raise the kids (YZ85) bars. the lower part of the bar clamp is the upper triple clamp. Just like the older WR's

7/8 bar and I want to keep the 7/8 bar. I want to raise and inch and forward an inch. or as close to that as i can get away with. Please don't tell me to get the kid a bigger bike. He is 10 and starting to ride more technical trails with me and a bigger bike will be too tall for him to start every time he crashes on a technical situation. His weight needs to be more forward and in a better standing position.:doh:

What have you tall guys done recently? I have searched but I having the most trouble finding where to purchase these things. Of course I am looking for a great deal but I will take what I can get:worthy:

I have checked the TT store, Rocky Mtn, and three dealers near me. The Parts unlimited and Tucker rocky Catalogs don't have it:banghead:

Thanks for your help. I did google and all I got were rox risers and the tusk shim stack.

It seems to me that I have seen them, but can't tell you where now. Lucky for me I have access to a full machine shop. I made a set out of 1" thick aluminum. I'll bet you could contact a local small machine shop to make them.

If they have a water jet it would be really easy. Anyone should be able to draw a couple of 7/8" circles offset by what ever height you want. Then you can get new longer bolts from the hardware store.

If that link does not work just go to and look up Tusk handlebar risers. The only quirk is they list them for 1 1/8 handlebars. This is where I got mine last year for the WR 450 and I have 7/8.

I think it would be worth a telephone call to see if it is a website problem.

I put the whole stack on and like them. No problems and not too much money.


There are these -

And many others... check out applied or just google 7/8 bar risers.... offsets will be hard without a new top clamp. Might check e-bay or TT classifieds for a new top clamp. You can also get these to work from 7/8" to 1 1/8 bars giving you height and a indestructible pro taper bar... they make a mini woods hi bend and you can roll them forward pretty far.

You have a lot of options:ride:

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