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I'd go to the jettingQ's thread and check what the Colorado boys are doing. They seem to have the jetting thing worked out for those elevations.


I advanced my timing on my '01 426 and the rest is stock. My question is: what jetting should I use for 5,500' to 10,000' elevation?

[ September 02, 2002, 06:19 PM: Message edited by: FTD ]

Try 38PJ/60PAJ/EKP#3/152MJ/160MAJ. Works GREAT at Rampart here in CO (7000 - 9500ft)...and also well in Moab (4500 - 6000ft). Over that, you need to lean it out a bit... Check my signature for my bike setup and make any appropriate changes based on my open pipe, airbox lid removed, etc.

My buddy Jim isnt much into jetting his bike...and runs the stock jetting (42PJ/75PAJ/DRR#2/152MJ/200MAJ) with very average results from 4500 ft - 13000ft. But his take is that he isnt changing his jetting at all...where I'm switching when going over 10K ft...

Good luck!

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