Guys, a friend who has hauled his bike (2001 wr426) the 1500 miles from Canada to Texas is having a problem. After a couple of fast runs up and down a sand beach it began stalling. It basically won't idle, after it starts it will run for about 5 seconds and die unless you keep it revved. We have cleaned every bit of the carb and now suspect the coil any other thoughts. He is tired of riding my kdx!



Check the carb vent hoses,make sure they are not choked up with sand,i had this prob once and found that the hoses were choked up right where they go into the top of the carb(you wont see it)blow through the pipes to see if they are blocked,if your mate has his breather pipes running down the back of the motor and out by the rear wheel i think this may be it,if the carb can`t vent it wont get gas and will only run for a short time,run the breather`s up under the tank in by the top engine mount,pointing back towards the carb.Hope this gets you guys going again!

I had a similar result with a 426 but the CDI unit was faulty (internally) :)

is it dual sported? if so sometimes the on off switch for the dualsport kit can become bad. Happened to me. When cold it would start right up then after a while it kept stalling and also would not run. Good luck.

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