Woodruff Key Failures after lapping?

Cranks are plentiful but seems there are no rotors to be had anywhere, so we wait.

If Yamaha can't replace the rotor within a reasonable time are the Trail Tech or Steahly rotors an option?

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Yes but what a second that would be!

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I don't have to run into a wall before I make preparations to avoid it. If you won't admit there is a major problem here or if you think cause it hasn't happened to me, then its not my problem, then I can't help you. What you don't know is the value of your WR450 has already gone done as a result of this problem. Sell it today and lose $1,000...... <ul type="square"> New WR450's are sitting on showroom floors all over the southeast, unsold.

The woodruff problem is known by all major trade magazines and they are sitting on it to give Yamaha a chance to fix it. If Yamaha doesn't respond soon, they will publish the story and you won't be able to give your $6,000 bike away for $4,500. Maybe money is not important to you, but it is to most others. The bike is an enormous opportunity for Yamaha to own the enduro racing market and I don't want them to blow it. I luv to ride the bike, but riding where I ride and getting stranded is a major problem! Ask gloft. Here is your add. " A great ride, just have to replace rotor and crank every 3 months ". In case you don't know, you are required by law to disclose all known problems when you sell.

Wow, let me put boots on it's getting very deep around here.

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Beezer unfortunately boots won't work......we need a muzzle :)

Didn't Bill Clinton coin that phrase??? :)

Bama, there is a problem, is it a "major problem", no. Have MOST MOST people experinced this, no. Are you making it in to a big problem YES!!!!!!!! If you are so convinced it's a big problem cut your losses and sell the bike and get something your happy with. You won't because you think its worth the $1000 dollar risk. I would spend an extra $1000 to enjoy my ridding and not worry about stuff, hell I spend lots more than that, and no I don't have it, thank god for credit.

All of the major drama is coming from ex XR600 riders. If there is that much stress sell the bike, cut your losses, get an XR600, and enjoy. If there is such a major problem that Yamaha isn't going to fix then chalk it up to a bad mistake and go on and enjoy life. There are less than a handful singing doom and gloom while the rest are trying to sort out the problem.

Ohh and for what its worth there are not WR450's sitting all over the shown room floor in the Denver area, I'm waiting for mine to come in and have to go to Nevada to pick it up cause they are out of stock too.



cheer up. The snow will be gone soon. LOL.

A few months from now we all will have forgotten what a woodruff key is. Then we can concentrate on important stuff. Like cutting holes in the airbox... :):D

Adam, thanx for the reality check. :)

now where in the hell did i put my 1" hole saw ???????

Around 400 miles on my bike and no problems of any kind. Nothing but flying over,under and thru the trees,mud and sand.This bike is so fun to ride wheelies on, its unbeleiveable. I can bring the front wheel up hitting second and bring it back down in fourth. My first hare scramble on the 450 will be next weekend. If this dosen't jinx my woodruff key during the race I think I'll quit worrying about it. Does anybody know of any bike that you could buy new and not lose $1000 on, if you tried to sell it used?

a harley !!

Got my WR450 back yesterday Yamaha told my dealer to lap in the flywheel and crank

again and locktite together I guess this is my problem because I rode hondas since

1968 or I am just lucky.

engine no.J314E-004118

Frame no. last four 1818

Forgot that my last post.

I am going riding or pushing today when it runs it is a great bike.

i have 60 miles on the 450, runs great, e-start evertime! last 4 digits on the frame 2405, dealer told me that its not the production # ? oh well. just picked it up a week or two ago.

can you retorque the nut through the side cover plug?

I talked to my dealer today about the problem. He said it was the result of twisting the throtle to much before you hit the e-start button. Sounds like he was trying to blame us. Any one heard that excuse yet?

yes you can

He said it was the result of twisting the throtle to much before you hit the e-start button.

Before or while hitting the e-button.Before is ok but while hitting the e-button is not because it advances the ignition timing and thats bad :).

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