Possible To Street Legal A Yz 400?

Hey Everyone,

Was Wondering If Anyone Knew If A Wr Stator And Flywheel Will Mate Up To A 99 Yz 400? I Want To Make It Street Legal And There Are Kits To Do It But They All Say The Stator Needs To Be Changed And I Have Heard Wr Stators Will Work But No One Can Tell Me For Sure And I Looked Online And Part Numbers Are Close But Not Exact. Thanks For Any Help

If you use the WR stator and flywheel together, they will fit your bike. There are wiring differences to deal with, however, and before you bother with it, you need to check with the Michigan DMV to see if you can legally do this at all.

Gray is correct...check the DMV first. Here in Cali, it can't be done. If you are going to take this on, use WR426 stuff. Cost is usually a bit less (especially used) and the output is about 50% more than what the 400 stuff put out. You will need the stator with wiring harness, flywheel, and voltage regulator. You will also need to float the pink wire (search here for instructions). If you are going to add a battery and convert to DC, you will need to use an after market regulator/rectifier and float the ground on the lighting coil as well. Again, there is plenty of info on the WR forum about converting 98-02 WRs to DC. Search and follow their directions.

Thanks for the help everyone!

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