Purchasing a 2006 YZ450F

My son resolves the issue by riding it as if it were a big 125. He slides the back out with the brakes entering the corner and gets on the gas before the back swings back in. Works for him. Messy being behind him, though.


I did plenty of that this week... my rear tire is worn down to nothing.

arent 2008 yz450f's going for around $4500 ? if so isnt 4300 high for a left over 2006 yz450f?

Love my 06, never have a mechanical issue with it ever they are reliable as they come. $3800 seems high I think $3400 if it is mint, buy it you won't be sorry :busted:

Love the 06. Putting a cam chain in and a heavier FWW. Never had any issues with it. We bought two of them brand new. After owning Honda CRF, Yamaha is really a dependable bike and easy to work on.

Price wise depends on area and demand. I wouldnt go over 3500. We are keeping ours, just because we couldnt get what we paid. Never will. But the bike is still very competitive.

Steering is ok, my son has a technique that gets him through the turns quite nicely, but for me, thats just too much thinking for me to make the bike turn. I'll never be able to ride the bike to its full ability, and I can live with that.

I don't know of the price, but my 06 yz is by far the most reliable bike I have ever owned. I am considering getting an 09 and not the 2010 as I race offroads. And I am certain a 09 will be reliable

The 06 is nearly as good in the handling department as the 09 (I have owned both). The 06 spanks (seriously, spanks!) the 09 in low to mid range power in stock form.

The CRF450R doesn't feel right to me at all, perhaps ergonomics, but I've ridden a Yamaha for the last 7 years and the CRF feels cramped. (I'm 6'1", 180) and love the Yamaha feel.

Get the 06 vs pre 06 or post 06 if 3800 is your budget limit you won't be sorry. Price should be a bit lower though.

Get the 09 vs 06 if you can afford it AND a new pipe.

Get the 2010 if you're rollin in dough, wear diamond studded watches, pimp a 50K truck and are looking to gamble on a cool new design. :busted:

Get any new 06 thru 09 vs the 426 for 2K in repairs.

Most importantly...Over and above all, don't ever get a Honda! :thumbsup:


I have rebuilt my 06 3 seasons now and every year I say I am getting a new bike then I get busy at work and the next moment I am racing my old bike again. This year being the 4th season on my 2006 I won 2 out 7 races 1 x2nd 2 x 3rd's and leading the open class!!!!!!!!!!!! That is better than when the bike was new:bonk: :banana:

I am realy interested in an 09 left over as my IMS tank dampner skidplate etc will al fit on the new bike and I have a spare set of wheels that I leave my mouses in for races. And then I can keep my 06 as a practice bike.

What do you think this or 1 new 2010???

06 and 09 have different size axles (22 vs 25mm) so they may not be interchangeable. I didn't recommend not rebuilding an 06, I recommended getting any new 06 thru 09 instead of rebuilding a 426 for 2K (there is no way to get rid of all of the extra weight a 426 carries). I still think the 06 is an awesome bike!

As for your question, I would get the 09 and keep the 06 instead of trading both for 1 as yet unproven 2010. Let the potential problems get worked out and then perhaps an 11 or 12 to replace the 06 with the 09 as the practice/play bike.

Congrats on your class leading performances.

wat does a new 2008 yz450f cost? any bought one recently?

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