Complete tear-down, YZ450 {suggestions, advice or comments}

Looks like a .50 cent part's gonna cost me big, the snap clip on my chain's master-link let go and the chain came apart and took a bite outta my leftside case...oil everywhere. And BTW, those nylon case-guards are just bent outta the way and let chain do it's worst.



So since I'll have to pull the engine and split the cases, besides all new bottom-end bearings and timing chain (plus gears on crank and cams)...what else should I do while I'm in there? BTW, the top-end has only about 50hrs on a big-bore kit but the bottom was original to '05 with probably 3 or 400hrs anyway. Trying to see the bright side here.

This, for me (like the "other" Goose's thread) will be my first time that far into an engine. I did the top-end on my ole 426 a couple years ago but that was while it stayed in the frame and I had a mechanic looking over my shoulder.

So now I'd love to hear advice and techniques but also what else would you do for maintenence and/or bling effect, if you were down to the frame on an '05 YZ? This is the bike as it is now and I like it fine so maybe I'll just PC the frame back to factory blue. Here again trying to look at the bright side of this costly chain failure.


When I replaced the crank in my 03:

* I took a bunch pictures of the disassembly process.

* Kept the manual within arms reach.

* Used ziplock baggies for the parts/bolts and labeled them (this alone was a huge time saver when it came time to reassemble).

* I also set aside a clean and organized work bench area for the motor and covered it with a towel when waiting for parts

All in all it was a pretty simple process.

Good luck! :doh:

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