wr450 vs dr-z400e

Im trying to decide on a new bike. I am trying to decide between the two. Im planning to put the baja designs dual sport kit on it and mainly like trail riding.

Go with the WR! Of course, you need to consider the extra $$ for the WR vrs the DRZ.

I was fortunate enough to have a suzuki dealer beg me to test drive the DRZ, he was bummin' when I chose the WR426. I am happy I did. :):D

Definately go with the WR! My buddy has a DRZ with a yoshi exhaust and all kinds of trick add ons and the thing sucks. It pushes in the corners, the brakes are shabby, there is not much throttle response, we can't get the back end to stop po-going, the seating is low, the suspension is marginal at best.. need I go on!

My Yamahaha dealer's boss man was also buggin' me to check out the DRZ. I was not dissuaded and bought the Yamaha. It was then the parts and service guys who ride gave me the big thumbs up and levelled - their boss who was trying to unload his extra Suzi's.

I say if you can afford it go with the WR. Otherwise you'll be satisfied with the DRZ (unless maybe you race alot.) :)

WR all the way, better power,suspension,handeling and if you dual sport, 5 litres-1 gallon more fuel with stock tanks. My buddies DRZ is always "BORROWING" gas to get back to the truck!

Why the heck do we keep comparing the two. Is there really a need for it.

I have the option of riding a DRZ for work and I would rather ride my personal bike. The DRZ would be good for my grandfather but I like thw WR'S!!! :)

I own a 2001 wr426f with the street legal lightning kit from baja and I think this is almost the best bike you might find for trail riding: excellent brakes, suspension and so on plus much more power than the DRz although more expensive. The bike feels great on the road also (still considering it's an off road race bike). In addition, the new 450 is comming with the e button which might be, in some ****ty off road situations, the only advantage that a DRz has over my 426.

Go for the WR. I agree with previous comments: we should not be comparing those two bikes...The Drz is just no match for the WR.

As stated above, these are really two bikes designed for different types of riding. If it's anything but tight, rocky, gnarly singletrack, take the WR. It's faster but demands more of the rider. The tougher the trail, the better the DRZ is (unless you're superhuman, and trust me--you aren't).

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