02 Wr426 throttle stuck wide open ??While cleaning carb

I just completed cleaning all of the jets and put the float bowl back on, I opened the throttle all the way and it's stuck wide open. Could it be the TPS (the TPS is disconnected right now). I spend 45 minutes looking at the springs, etc. and cannot figure it out? Has anyone else experienced this problem?? Thanks JIM.

Is the throttle stop installed?

Also, did the slide pick up the "lever" that raises and lowers it when you put it in? Another thought...did the slide needle come out of the emulsion tube and wedge into the carb bore?

Thanks for the responses. What is the throttle stop? The slide needle is not wedged because I took that assembly off in trying to understand why the throttle is stuck open, great thought though. I'm a snowmobile guy so this is new to me, still learning and frustrated. JIM

Start simple...disconnect the cables and see what happens. Does the pulley free up and rotate back into the closed position? If it does, the problem is your cables or throttle tube (not all that uncommon). If it doesn't, then it's in the carb itself. Pull the carb back off and remove the top cap. There could be a couple of things going on with the slide. The vacuum plate that sits on the front of the slide could be not well seated into the slide and is wedged into the carb body; the rollers could be worn excessively or the one removable one could be missing, allowing the slide to get crossed in the body and wedge, or the link that picks up the "fitting" on the top of the slide could be out of the slots in the top of the slide (slide isn't moving as you turn the shaft) and wedged into the body. Finally, the shaft itself could be galled or have dirt in the bushings that is causing the shaft itself to bind.

Pull everything apart and see if the slide moves freely in the body without it being connected to the link. See of the shaft rotates freely without the slide in the carb. If all that works, check to make sure all of the accelerator pump linkage is put together correctly with no tabs "overlocking" other tabs. If you like, post up a pic of the right side of the carb, with all that AP clap trap in focus for us to see...

Solved it, thanks for the help. Put it all back together and it stalls once the black choke is put back in, it won't stay running. This is what it was doing prior to me cleaning the carb.

What was the problem? Try replacing the pilot jet for stallling problem. Is it popping at all if you give it some throttle while turning off the choke?

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