? About knee braces.

I posted earlier about boots, now I would like to know about knee braces. I am leaning towards the ASTERISK . Any reasons I should or should not consider them. Other brands that are better for the buck? Some of you guys got your insurance to pay for them, any tips on how to get that done.

I know some of you wear knee braces. Not even one response, whats up guys.

I have the Asterisks. Expensive but so is surgery! Didn't care for them at first, kinda bulky. I have had them for 5 mos. and would not even think of riding w/o them. Once I got used to them I don't realize they are there until I take my boots off after a ride. I definitely recommend them.

I was the same way at first. But I have since padded mine out to fit better and wear a thicker body sock. Comforatable all day long this way.

I have nearly 2 years (and probably 50+ rides on my asterisk and highly recommend them, though they are not headache free. You do have to maintain them and they tend to break the metal restraint cables alot. However, for the price they seem like a good buy and offer very good knee protection. The customer service is very good and the braces are very comfortable once you figure out how you should wear them (everyone's different).

I have friends who recently bought the donjoy braces and I'd also look at them- very nice, but more expensive than the Asterisk. If $$ isn't an issue, get the CTI2's. Simply the best.

I rode Sunday for the time with my Asterisks and they felt great! Once I got used to them (5 minutes) I really felt like I could grip the bike firmer with my knees.

One gripe I have with them is that the quick release buckles are kinda flimsy. I broke one trying them on.

The customer service is great. She sent me new buckles and a new web without any hassles.

I rode in Moose Sahara pants and the braces began to wear through the knee area mesh. No biggie---just have some ballistic nylon patches sewn on.

From what I hear, all braces are pretty tough on tank graphics. After one day, my tank graphs are pretty worn. Oh well, better than an injury, right?

My Tech 8's fit the braces fine.

I've used Donjoy braces for about 5 yrs. now. After several knee injuries my insur. co. paid for them, so my total cost was around $275.00 but this was back before everybody used knee braces and the Donjoy cost was $1200.00 a pair (2). They custom made the braces to fit me which required 3 tries before they fit perfect. So I now have a pair for parts :) Once I got used to wearing braces I wouldn't ride without them but it took several weeks to feel comfortable. I also feel like I can grip the bike better with my legs when wearing braces, and yes you will rub the tank graphics off only because now your griping the bike with more force at the knees and before you used your legs below the knee more. If you crash hard enough you'll break your leg before you break the braces (most of the time) but a bone can heal much easier than your knee, so if people tell you war stories about why they don't use braces make a list and call them back in a few years and ask them how their knees are. If they race they have crashed and prob.damaged their knees, ask any pro rider. If you do get knee braces ask the company for the gel pads if they make them. Every contact point of my brace and strap has gel pads with a low friction type material, if you don't get the gel get ready to wear the sock. The sock is hot in the summer but I live in Fl. Vented pants are also a problem if you don't wear the sock you can get dirt/sand between the brace and your skin which acts like sand paper if you ride all day without removing the brace. When you put the brace on sit down and follow the instructions, if you don't it does make a diff. in the way they wear if they are custom fit to your leg the brace will put your knee in a bind and be very uncomfortable if not strapped properly. They are designed to fit tight and hold your knee in place, a sloppy fit won't prevent you from twisting your knee but will only prevent you from hyper extending it. The cti2 braces used to have an exposed hinge which shreds your pants, the donjoy braces I have are covered. I know Donjoy makes a less expensive pair of braces so if you go with the measure your leg and order them model they will be diff. then if a doctor custom orders them for you. If you plan to ride hard get braces. If you don't then why wear a helmet, chest protector, knee gaurds,boots etc. The more protective gear you can afford the less the doctor bills and if your out of work from an injury, how much would that cost you ? There are many more reasons to use braces than not. Good luck and I hope this helps a little. PS: don't forget to see how much they weigh, a buddy of mine bought a pair of cheap braces and I ask why he would wear 10lbs. worth of knee braces to save a few hundred dollars and then spend a few hundred dollars to reduce the weight of his bike 10 pounds. Also he hated them and no longer wears them :D

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