Waaaaaay off topic, but....

Most everybody's got a truck to haul around their blue beasts, so I am wondering if anyone can help with a truck question? Don't flame away here, I at least went to some off-road sites to ask but they friggen hurt - how can you call it a message board if no one ever posts?

Anyway, just ordered a 2003 GMC 2500 HD 4X4 and the stock wheels/tires belong on a Yugo. Anyone know a web site (or off the top of your head) that explains max tire sizes that can fit in the wheel well without a lift?

More importantly, I need pics of 2500's with different tire and lift sizes. I dont mind lifting it, but I'd rather spend the money on someting that starts with an "N" and ends with an "EW WR450" :D

I figure some of you guys have bigger trucks and have been down this road before. Someone told me that I could fit 35's on the truck without the lift, but that it might look a litle full.

Any pics, web sites and/or ideas would be great.

Someone throw me a little love, I only have a couple of months to figure this out. TT is for Truck Talk right??? :)

Thanks tons in advance, Bud

hey ridin, you can get a 3 inch spindle lift, and be able to run 305/75/r16 wich is the same as a 33" tire ill try to find a pic and send it your way :)

Go to a well respected off road store that does lifts and ask(would'nt hurt to buy something while you are there to make them more talkative). They should be able to tell you since they do it every day. Just a thought.

Just remember, the bigger tire you put on the less gearing you are going to have, it will lower your towing capabilities.

Another thing I considered when I was going to lift my truck was loading bikes in that high monster truck is not going to be fun.

You will need at least an 8 foot ramp. That is why I left my truck stock, so it's easier to load because a lot of times I am doing it myself.

You can do a search and look at some dealers on the internet which have the options of selling wheel/tire packages. I can't remember the name but a site had pictures of the rig and different size wheels and tires listed with the same diameter as stock. ie 14 inch wheel with 205/75= 15inch wheel with 205/60 tire =205/55tire with 16inch wheel =205/50with 17inch wheel. Prices were reasonable also. Wish I could remember the name but I found it through Ebay auctions. Just a place to start.

ROFLMAO, that starts with "N" got me! Thanks--

go to Les Schwabs. They see trucks like yours every day. They know what will fit. I bet a set of 285,s would look great and you would not have to mess up your warrenty by lifting it. Good luck.

I have a 1998 3500 crew cab, Stock, With Pirelli's Scorpians 275/75/16 Great all around tire. It haul's bike's, firewood, and a trailer with no problem...

Awesome tips. Thanks. Anyone with before and after pics would be helpful.


ridin md, you can take your truck to the dealer and for $200 they will put a part on your truck that will raise the front end up 3". that makes the truck level and not sloping down up front. the truck will then fit 33" tires. it still might rub though. i have a 2000 chevy silverado w/ a 6" lift w/ 35's and it still rubs when i have a lot of people in it. that part won't void you factory warranty. there are a few lifts like fab- tech and super lift that won't viod your warranty. its not hard at all to load my bike up because i ussually just ride her up. better yet put a set of 22" or 24" wheels on that bad boy. you will have smooth ride and you will be down with the homies.

I am the sales manager at a chevy store in Washington state. I drive a 01 HD 2500 I put 285 BFG Mud Terrians on it with very little mods(no money). Here is what to do, you can crank up the torsion bars (on the front) about 2-3 full turns you want to raise the front about 2 inches, not quite level, make sure to measure and keep the truck level. You will have to trim a little bit off the plastic piece under the front bumper. On the drivers side I heated up the plastic inner fender with a heat gun and pushed it in a little. If you make your truck level then when you load it, it will be low in the ass in.


Ridinmd, you didn't aknowledge my tip that you are going to have a bear of a time loading bikes in the back of your truck sitting up that high.

Or do you trailer? :)

Just an FYI:

I drive a '00 Dodge 2500 4wd with 315/75R16 tires - probably the tallest non-lifted truck/tire combo out there. The top of the bed is ~chest high on me, I'm 6'4". I have an 8ft alum ramp and a two step step-ladder - I load our bikes by myself w/o any problems.


Sorry vegas, I think I am tall enough to get it in with a bike stand as a step. I was also thinking of getting one of those quad ramps - push the bike up one ramp and walk up the other.

As to the idea of raising the front, I thing the "saggy ass" look isn't for me. But, if I was to raise the torsion bars a bit, would that affect the ride at all. Would the ride be more harsh?

I like the heat gun trick, I think I'll try that.

Thanks. Bud

Ridinmd, yes, when you crank the torsion bars you are also going to sacrifice ride quality. The truck will be more harsh. As far as the saggy rear you really won't get that because if you look at your truck you'll see the truck sits "ass high" already. It would just level it out.

The truck sits "ass high" now so that it's closer to level when loaded. If you up the front, then yes it will sag in the back when it's under a load... you are right ridinMD

Will the bed of the truck be loaded more often then unloaded?

Ridinmd, you can raise the truck the one or two inches and still have the right attitude (ass end still high)it will stiffen up the ride but not much. Afterwards you should get a front end allignment (warrnty will pay for it before 7500 miles)

You are increasing the preload on the torsion bars when you 'crank them up'. It will ride stiffer as a result.

I can't imagine the warranty covering an alignment since it will be pretty obvious that the front end has been cranked up. I would imagine that a dealer mechanic would put the ride height back to stock as part of the alignment.....


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