400 or 426

Im thinking about purchasing a 2000 WR-400. Would it be better to get a 426 or is that too much for tight trails and long rides.

Depends on your style and weight. Heavier and/or more aggresive = tend towards the 426.

I ride all sorts on my 426 and have no issues.

they are both good bikes and close enough that when buying second hand you might as well buy the first one in good condition you come across - 400 or 426.

They are indeed so close that a friend of mine had a 99' 400 and a 01' 426 he sold the 426 less than 1 season after buying it and kept the 99 because it had a lic plate. We would drag race and the bikes were equal there but he may have had more power coming out of the hole and corners. BTW I have a 2000 WR 400 for sale. Free Mods and other extras including Dual sport kit and Plate.

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my 400 still totes my fat ass around really well. good luck spending money.

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