Good place to start racing?

where should i start? Should i join a club and start there?

anybody know of any clubs in socal that puts on races? help me i dont know where to start. Oh ya i was thinking desert or enduro or?

thanks kevin

You are located in AMA district 37. Use the following link:

You can locate and contact clubs in your area or join the ama and race in their scheduled events in your district. :)

District 37 is where you start. Go to their site, check out the next event/s. They are all alot of fun. I haven't done an enduro but have done hare/hound, scrambles, euro scrambles etc. Each is unique and fun. Most races are in Lucerne or Red Mountain. All the clubs seem cool too. This is not something you want to do alone. I suggest going to the races, meeting some guys and hanging out with a few different clubs. All the people I have met are really cool and just want to have fun, be safe and race of course! You can also post a message on the D-37 message board. You will gets lot's of reply's from clubs that will take you on as a prospect. I have been hanging out with the Jackrabbits because a friend is a member. If you want you can PM me or email ( we can hook up at the next event.

It is a blast!!!


District 37 would be a great place to start! They have desert, Grand Prix, and Enduro. A club would help if you needed a pit crew.


There are lots of great clubs in D-37. Depends upon what kind of racing you want to do, and whether your personality fits well with the group. Here is the enduro club I belong to:

It's a good example of a large family club. Some of our members ride all the D-37 events, some do not. You are welcome to visit any of our outings if you'd like. Just PM me if interested, and I'll fill you in on details. Calendar is on the website.


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