Cheap radiator leak fix??????

Riding in the Arkansas Ozarks this weekend, one of the trail rocks took me down. About 20 minutes later after riding some fast logging roads, we took a break. Getting off my bike I noticed my boots were wet. Long story short, my radiator is leaking. It's not pouring out, I made the 30 minute ride back to the truck with no noticable water loss in the radiator or overflow tank. I can see where the fins inside next to the steering stem are bent instead of flat and it stayed wet down where the vertical veins connect into the bottom. On the ride home, a nice mess was made in the trailer from the anti-freeze. Can't really afford the $300 for a new one, has anyone tried pulling the radiator half and running stop-leak in just the radiator, or has anyone had an automotive radiator repair shop do a repair?

Your local car radiator repairer will do the job but they will most likely just bung it up. That works well except you may lose some of the radiator's cooling ability. I reckon this is ok for 1 or 2 repairs. If you want to spend bigger $'s go to a specialist bike radiator repairer.

Or the old favorite is to mix concrete powder with araldite epoxy and plug up the hole- trust me, it works. Not sure about the stop-leak. Probably would work as long as the hole is not too big.


Check out >Mylers< ASAP for your radiator repair. DO NOT USE Bar's Leak in your bike. Bar's Leak is an automotive product designed for the (relatively speaking) huge passages in an automobile's cooling system. It will trash your bike's cooling system causing more hassle than it's worth. I would not be surprised that if you did use the Bar's leak it would stop the leak but also cause overheating problems, especially when it warms up this summer. Myler's specializes in bike radiators and it sounds like yours is not too bad, so it should be pretty cheap compared to a new one. If you need to go really cheap and will probably buy a new radiator eventually anyway, I would try JB Weld, making sure that the area is totally clean. Clean it with acetone or mineral spirits. Some ofthe VW powered dune buggy guys have used JB Weld to repair cracked heads on their buggies and it held up through some hard core duning. (Who knew?)Anyway, I would call Myler's first and at least get a price. Good luck.


$35 to straighten, $15 to fix leak, + shipping. Sent mine on a Monday and back on a Friday. :)

I have fixed mine on two different bikes with JB weld, if it is a very small hole.

I can also highly recommend "Fontana Radiator Works" in Southern CA for their excellent work, reasonable prices, and fast turnaround. (800)430-7234

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