battery chargers

anyone have any suggestions for a battery charger? how much ?

Here's a good one >HERE< that is a lot like the Snap-On battery charger that I have. It's a "smart" charger that has a small circuit board in it that acts as the brains. When you first hook it up it checks for reverse polarity before it powers up. If the polarity is correct, it starts with a strong charge and eventually tapers down slowly to zero, before automatically shutting off. I'm pretty sure Century made my Snap-On unit and I'm very happy with it. You can get one from Snap-On, but you'll pay well over $100 for almost the same product.

Battery tender. About $40 bucks from the bike shop.

Yuasa has one in the parts unlimited catalog that looks like a nice unit. really, any automatic battery charger that does gel cells will work. Do not fast charge these! Hope this helps a bit. ---Mike

I agree. I have used Battery Tender for years with no problems.

Hey buddy hows the riding down by you is there still snow on the ground

I like the battery tender too.

I use one for the V-Max, and one for the GSXR 600.

Snow is gone for the most part! :)

Thanx for the feed back . i went with the battery tender !!

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