What wildlife do you see while ridin'

I love seein' wildlife when I'm ridin'. Second to last ride I was haulin' in fifth @ half throttle and a huge black shadow came onto the trail. As I quickly approached I cracked the throttle twice and it scooted off the other side of the trail. It was a very well nourished black bear. If he decided to stay on the trail, there wouldn't have been much room for me to go around.

I guess I would have attempted to wheel up and over him :)

Since everyone is all over the map, I thought it would be interesting to find out what wildlife you see while ridin'. This could include bikini clad Hawaiin Tropic babes at the track?? :D TC

My brother is an expert at cleaning up wildlife, (and he is the animal lover) so far he has taken out a wombat, a dear at 120km and several birds, all of wich he tried to revive.

Here in Northern Nevada we see alot of Antelope, Mule Deer, a few Elk up high, and many species of game birds. A friend of mine was riding his Raptor a few weeks ago and came within inches of nailing an Antelope, he was flyin' along rapped out in 5th/6th(whatever they have) and came over a rise in the road and their it stood broadside.

Me and a buddy ran across some free range cattle in Death Valley. He was in the lead on a top gear jeep road and ran up on them before he realized what they were. When they started to move I don't know who was more scared! Cattle going everywhere and my buddy weaving and freezing. It really wasn't a dangerous situation and from my point of view it was quite comical, he didn't see it that way though.

I saw a desert fox once.

other than birds thats the only animal I've ever seen out in occotilo wells

Ahh Yes! the stupid free range cattle. A few weeks ago when some buds and I were heading up to a lake to do some fishin', we ran into a herd of cattle. They are so stupid! They don't know which way to go and you just can't trust 2000 lbs of stupidity to stay out of the way. TC

2 days ago I was riding in the near mountain and it was about 09:30PM. I saw 2 rabbits and one fox. I have also seen a deer, family boars (wild pigs) with little ones and wild horses.

i have a white brothers e-series exhuast with 12 discs............i never see any wild life :D:)

Lot's of snakes, Copperheads, Rattlesnakes, Water Moccosins, and King Snakes. Rabbits, Chipmunks and every now and then a Deer or two.

Ran over 2 more King Snakes last Sunday. One guy behind me (ATV)Damn near had a coronary when My rear wheel flipped the snake up from the trail onto the front of his quad... He ran off into the tall grass and abandoned his vehicle....Man it was funny....

Bonzai :)

Lets see here. Black Bears, Grizzlys, Moose, Elk, Whitetales, Muleys, Mountian Lion, Other wise known as cougars, Porcupine, And Big Foot, All but one are ture though. We see alot back in this area.


In Michigan we see a lot of white tail deer. Just about every time I ride. Funny thing is that they are hardly even afraid of the bikes. If I was walkin with a gun they would be long gone. I think they know that the bike is no threat.

Otherwise I see lots of squirles. Man I wish I could corner like them.


CC Camp (Wall Street ride) 1 bull, 1 bear (I missed it.)

Carnegie: Coyote, deer, jack rabbits, red tail hawks.

MCMA ranch in Marin: Deer, jack rabbits, fast little fence lizards, lots of cattle.


Lots of bulls and cows. Everything has horns or thorns!

On the trail here (Washington State) I have seen:

deer (white tail I think)


Mountian Goat(er... make that Big Horn Sheep!)


and Jackass

The Jackass is my buddy, and we even see him in town sometimes.


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Last week I road up to a very secluded high mountain lake to do a little fishing. Damed if I didn't see some wild life! A couple of nice young ladies from Germany were camping up there and lets just say they were not shy! I had a hard time concentrating on fishing with all of the squeals as they bathed in the icy cold water. Man I need to go to Eurpoe!!!!!!!!! :D:):D:D:D

This summer I have seen, 2 bobcats on seperate occasions, elk frequently, deer, eagles, lots of bear poop. A few mountain cows and some weirdos out in the woods doing who knows what.

i forgot to mention turkeys. lot-O-Turkeys. Every where. Some on green bikes and some on yellow bikes. but most ride red. LOL

I second "turkeys" where lewischris is riding. One time I was riding my Maxim around the back side of Lake Couer d'Alene (near Harrison). I was doing about 55-60 when I came around the corner, and there was a big wild turkey in the middle of my lane. I started to swerve, and he took flight. I swear that it was comming right for me! I ducked to the side, and I must have missed that thing by less than 1 foot.

After I discared my soiled shorts, I finished the ride.


Recently I saw a 300lb pot bellied man riding a 3 wheeler in blue jeans, t shirt, and bubble faced helmet from the 70s.

In Calif desert and mountains, I have seen lots of jackrabbits, lizards, desert tortoise, crows, hawks, rattlesnakes including sidewinders. Also a mountain lion, sheep, coyotes, squirrels, chipmunks, deer. In Mexico, all these plus cattle. In Arizona, all the above plus mountain goats near the Colorado River.


Dan, those are probably not mountain goats. They are Big Horn Sheep. I see them all the time when riding the Sea-doo below Hoover dam. I have some cool pics of them..

One time when my girlfriend and I were hiking into the grand canyon and all of a sudden a huge big horn sheep jumped right off of a ledge onto the trail in front of us. Scared the crap out of us but made for a great picture.

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