What wildlife do you see while ridin'

Surprisingly, we don't see much here in Colorado. I'm sure the noise scares them off long before we show up. What we will see is mountain goats in the mountains. But only because they are so use to seeing people.

However, I did have a great experience at Rampart Range this summer. I was riding a trail (the very south end of 690 for the CO boys) and I came up on a big deer. He jumped and ran with me along the trail for quite a ways. Then he bolted right in front of me to cross the trail. I locked up both brakes and just missed him. However, by buddy didn't miss me as he ran right into the back of the bike, knocking us both over. It was very cool to ride along side of the deer for at least 50 yards.

Where I ride at in Hollister Hills I usually see one of a few animals:

1: The Dimwited 4 legged Quad speckeld nin-rod

2: The Too-Drunk pin headed numchuker

3: The Undecided-Which-Way to Go Bonehead


That's hilarious! I hate snakes. Unless they are in the boot or wallet form. There are alot of rattlesnakes in the lower elevations where I live, but I've never come across any while ridin'. TC

Beaver.............you know what I'm talking about :)

Looks like we need to be planning a riding trip to BANFF!


Still waiting to run into a Moose.

I think in the Moose vs. WR...I'll lose.

Momentum = mass x velocity

How much does a moose weigh??


You are right. They were Bighorn Sheep. My bad. What was I thinking? Sheesh....


Originally posted by BrandonW:

Looks like we need to be planning a riding trip to BANFF!


Sounds good to me too.........

I saw a brown bear in Kennedy Meadows. He attacked our cooler, still have the claw mark. My dad threw a lawn chair at him to scare him off.

It's funny all the years riding in the desert and I've seen two desert tortoises in my life, one time was with you Dan from HB!! Remember? I know we're not suppose to touch them but I gently moved him off the trail and gave him a pat on the shell. I see lots of bulls,cows,foxes,coyotes and a couple of cats too.

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ah brandon dont listen to chuck. He is talking about the ones that chop down trees. But the canada boys are coming down to our neck of the woods on the 10-13 of october. Might be a good time to come on over and ride with them. Meet some new people and have ride meetings at the local Pub. Down town wallace. Should be a good time. From what i hear it was last year. Really good time. see ya then Chuck.

Oh yeah!

Let me clear it with the boss, but I think that there is a good chance that I will be able to attend.

Got to make some modifications so I can trailer the bikes with my snowmobile trailer.

Is this a camping affair?


A Black Bear cub ran accross the trail in front of me while riding Rampart yesterday (Tuesday). I slowed down to take a look, but then realized the mother might still be on the other side of the trail. Getting between a mother and her cub is a BAD thing, so I took off.

I also ran over a rattle snake while riding my mountain bike on Green Mountain yesterday. It was kind of a wildlife theme day for me.

Bryan in Denver...

We usually see lots of turkeys, deer, snakes, rabbits, squirrels, eagles and all kinds of birds.

My brother and I were cookin' up an old dirt road with him behind me. I haerd him yelling from behind and I looked off to our right and saw a big Buck running along beside us in the woods probably 30 ft away. He ran along for maybe 30 yards or so then darted off. Apparently he had jumped across the road directly behind me and in front of him.

Big Blue One, My riding Budd and I were at the hills (Hollister) and I was rippin down this downhill into a tight right hander. and this Boar probably 400 lbs just walks right in front of me and accross the trail not even blinking.

Man the damage that would have caused.

A few years back 17 or so, I was riding at metcalf road in San Jose one morning. I was wide open on 6th on my CR390 Husky and this Bob Cat ran in front of me from my right. He pivoted almost hitting him and he turned right with me now heading in the same direction. I was on the binders and trying not to smake him. The stupid cat ran next to me for about 50 yards then bolted into the bushes

Since when do cows qualify as wildlife? I guess if you're desperate for wildlife, cows count. I've seen foxes, coyotes, deer, black bear (Colorado), Gila Monsters, turkey, rattlesnakes, javelina (dozens), mountain sheep (Colo.), Lions (Just kidding), roadrunners... can't think of any others. One of the wierdest experiences I had was riding through a canopy of trees along a creek in the desert and having a bird drop right in front of me. For about 200 yards, I was right behind this bird, wierd. Thank goodness he didn't crap!

I think cows qualify as long as they don't have a name. Hell, if they could someday wind up on the endangered species list, we should at least consider them wildlife, LOL!

Yeah, Dan. I do recall that tortoise! That was scary (reminds me of how old I am). I had a flashback to On Any Sunday! I can't tell you how many times I have done that. It actually happened TWICE in one day while pulling ribbon for our Ghost Rider Enduro last October.


Hey I saw a cougar the other day. You should have seen this thing. Big hair, lots of makeup, and some really wild paint job on the nails. Crazy thing tried to get me with a 6 pack. Man, do you guys see these things where you live!? :)


Now there's a turnabout. I thought baiting (6 pack) was illegal in Canada. Not only that, but what's being hunted is truly endangered.....us! Yeah, we have these cougars all over the place in SoCal. I don't have to worry much about being hunted, though. First, I'm an ugly specimen. Second, I have a mate for life, so it's considered bad ethics to hunt me. Even in California where mentioning ethics gets you labeled as a loony tune.

These cougar predators can be brutal, too. They become attached to you, take you home, and keep you alive long enough to be on the hook for alimony.

What's wrong with this picture?



what's that you say Chris???????

Lets see? What kind of wildlife do I see? Well, I have seen deer, rabbit, a snake or two, saw a turtle once, cows, and on occasion I get a brief glimpse of Howard Huge. Although, most of the time you only hear him. :)

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