What wildlife do you see while ridin'

My girl friend and I once saw 17 wild boar while we were out riding. Last weekend I followed a coyote for 10 minutes or so. This is in central California, near Coalinga.


Hey, am I the only one that mostly sees snails, slugs, beetles & ants that get smooshed on my goggles on my numerous get-offs ?

Apart from that...one of my first rides I followed a big deer on a dirt track for about 200 metres before she got spooked and without breaking her speed dived down a very steep & gnarly mountain side. I am always seeing chamois, fox & deer. The most awesome was riding next to a deer for about a 100m down a twisty trail. Scared the bejeezus out of me as I thought I was being sidewinded by a yeti !!

Just Kangaroos, sheep and emus, clocked an emu at 35mph. Got home and the gaurds had a layer of emu **** under them, didnt smell good! emu crap lays on the ground about a quarter inch thick and 7 inches round, black and runny, it aint nice sprayed up your bike, emu coming in close to town in packs due to drought.

While on the trail I have seen numerous lizards, (damn they run fast) squirrels, offsprey, eagles, dog sized ants, jack rabbits, and 1 black bear. The bear high tailed it when he heard the beast a comin, lucky for me cause it was a tight single track with no where to turn to avoid.


Double-Breasted Mattress Thrashers :)

I have seen:

Chipmunks, squirls, flying squirls, bats, rabits,Black rat snakes, turtles(NE box and red ear sliders) Frogs, toads, Doves, Ducks, Hawks (Red Tail) Owles, turkeys, Tons of white tail deer, Fox, wild dogs, and skunk bears.

Whoaaa? Whats a skunk bear you say?? Its this little animal that crawled out form under a wood shed next to my tent a few months ago and started routing through some pretzles my girlfriend foolishly left outside the tent. She wakes me up and says there is a black bear outside the tent, I poke my head out with a flash light and see a smiling skunk with a mouth full of pretzles :) .

I have seen bear poop, and hope and hope to see a black bear, but have never seen one while riding. I have been riding at night with guys that said one ran inbetween two quads in the group but I didnt see him. :D , some day :D .

Funny story, I was about 16 or 17 riding my 86 KLR 250 through a corn field while the corn was up, The trail was hidden about 6 or 7 rows deep in the field, I was poken along about 30 MPH and a dear got scared and tried to jump into the field, I caught his rump in mid air with my headlight and he rotated so that as I went forward we were face to face. I stopped and looked back at him and he stood up and looked at me for a moment before we both caught our witts about us and went our seprate ways. :D .

Guys watch out for those deer for real!!! when they start running with you,, STOP!! Deer suscribe to the jack rabbit deffense throy, they will run straigth and when that dose not work they will zig and zag, they are not always smart enough to zag away from you!!!! You have to take the initave and get some separation, its cool to ride next to them but you cant trust them not to try and sit in your lap. I was riding in a large group of street bikes on a long ride, we had both lanes of a 4 lane devided road, a deer dropped in the middle of the group between lanes and started running with the group a few bikes in front of me right next to a guy. In Pa most riders dirt and street know how they zig and zag after a few seconds so with no where to go he booted the poor guy off to the shoulder, It was funny but in that particular situation in the middle of a large group of bikes it was the best thing to do, both the deer and rider were fine but scared :D .

I see deer all the time.

When you ride by near them they'll look up and then go back to grazing.

I've stopped within 50' of one and watched her for a minute.

When I killed the motor she hauled ass into the woods.

About 3 weeks ago I saw a 4 maybe 5' long alligator sunbathing in a little cesspool that hadn't evaporated by Spring Creek.

I've ridden that trail by the creek since I was in 7th grade and this was the 2nd one I've seen in almost 30 years!

I was on the high side looking down about 15' at him.

I know theres more of them because I'll pull up a trout line and all that'll be left is the head of a big mud cat.

Saw a Great Horned Owl today, very cool

I went fishin' on Wed and had a visit with a large black bear sow and three healthy cubs.

I wasn't ridin' but it was still cool.

I carry a bear banger when I ride which also doubles as a flare launcher. The banger would be in case I had to walk out of the bush (heaven forbid the blue beast would let me down).


I see deer almost every time I ride. I love to stop and watch them. The goldfinches are also cool, they have striking colors. And snakes too, they seem to enjoy warming themselves on the trails. I try not to hit em, snakes are cool.


OK a jack rabbit jumps out on the road ahead of you. What do you do?

a) say "Oh how sweet"?

:) admire its agility and slowly follow it?

c) gas it, dump the clutch and chase the little woodland creature till it's heart gives out?

I give up. What's the answer? :D

OK a jack rabbit jumps out on the road ahead of you. What do you do?

a) say "Oh how sweet"?

:) admire its agility and slowly follow it?

c) gas it, dump the clutch and chase the little woodland creature till it's heart gives out?

j/k :D

In the last couple months I have had chance to give lots of squirrils, jack rabbits, deer, a bobcat and turkeys mild heart attacks as i round a corner and there they are. On one of my last rides a mountain lion gave me the heart attack as I came a round a corner and there he was. He jumped into the bushes and as I passed him I looked back to make sure I wasn't going to be dinner.

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I went riding yesterday with Stefe9999 and a bobcat ran across the trail right infront of me. Pretty cool.

I've seen a large bull moose near Rand Colorado. I've also seen deer, elk, antelope, marmots, eagles, hawks, bighorn sheep and mountain goats.

I have seen, snakes & squirrels & wild turkeys & Deer & once came across Naked Hikers doing the "Wild Thang" off to the side of the trail.... :)

Let's see...lots of squirrels, lots of wild turkeys, seen bears a few times (last time was a mama bear and her cub haulin' ass off the trail as I came around the corner), plenty of deer, a herd of wild pigs, a pair of red wolves, rabbits, a rattlesnake, ospreys, eagles, (and a lot of other birds) and I once saw a panther while riding my bicycle.

Was riding last week in an arid area filled with basalt cliffs, rocks and sagebrush.

I was doing maybe 30-35 or so, and I noticed *something* to my right, but the sagebrush is tall, so I did not really pay any attention.

A couple of seconds later, agian, I saw something moving parallel with me, but I could not really tell what it was.

Then, four big horn sheep appeared right in front of me!

I shut the engine down, and coasted to a stop. That settled them down, and they stopped too. We sat there and looked at each other for about 30 seconds or so, and they meandered back into the sagebrush. It was a nice experience.

Also, last year in the same area (West Bank along the Columbia River) and I saw a brown bear get shot. Two guys were hunting it, once flushing the bear up a canyon, and the other drove his truck to the top of the canyon waiting for the bear to show up. I was riding along, and saw the bear hauling butt up the ravine. I stopped, got a good look, and decided to follow the bear from a safe distance. We got near the guy in the truck, he hopped out, and shot the thing. I got off my bike, and walked with him down to where the bear fell. He made sure it was dead, then we both got a closer look. I would guess that it weighed 7 or maybe 8 hundred pounds. It was BIG!

His "flushing buddy" showed up, and they got their knives out and were going to gut it, so I said "See ya".

I am no hunter, but it was a very exciting thing to see shake down.


Anything in the Colorado elevations would have to be a Yeti.

Exactly like a Sasquatch, but way different.


Told ya so.............


Ummmm, it was last winter, not the other day..........yeah.......that's the ticket!

Dodger :):D

Isn't that the dude that you can find on every bottle of Kokanee? Where is his snowboard?

Got to be about time to twist (uh, the THROTTLE) one and ride....

Fridays suck.


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