Trouble Starting even with Electric start

Just picked up my new wr450F Friday.Dealer had trouble starting .Get bike home does not want to start with button or leg had to jump runs great once warm.Sunday same thing cant start unless I jump it .Returned to dealer Monday Morning.Anyone have any suggestions.No Iam not a novice This Is my 3rd new yamaha 4 stroke wr400f/yz250f/wr450f .Jonesing with this cold weather in N.Y.any good riding on the East coast other than Florida North or South Carolina mabe a good 12 hour drive from NYC Let me know vacation coming up soon need warmth

Search this forum and look at all the jetting advice for the new WR's. It helps a lot. Mine would not start without changes. :)

i put a 160 main and 48 pilot and it still takes a lot of kicks to start it.i'm gonna have to try the 75 starter jet. i went to my cycle shop and asked for one and they said sure we have i bought it get home and its a 75 pilot jet.i didn't know what a starter jet looked like. so i will have to order one.

The starter jet is a big key to your problems. :)

Did you have this same problem? & if so whay starter jet did you use

Most at my elevation seem to use a 70 or 72 starter jet

While I'm waiting for my 72 starter jet, I've found liberal throttle twisting (5 to 10 times) prior to starting sure helps. See the manual, it recommends a few less.

Mine was a bit reluctant to Start, especially cold, when I got it. After 50 Miles or so its not an issue at all.Break in helped a ton. It does seem to Start quicker when it's cold if you kick it rather than use the "electric leg"

I have mine jetted and broken in where it will start first time every time with the E-Button even when it is 40 degrees. I have to admit I do not know if the kick starter even works on my bike.

I had the same prob. I switched my main to 160, pilot to 48 and it was still cold blooded. It has about 150+ miles now and it starts much better. Usually first time. I definitely twist the throttle a few times when cold.

03 wr450f all the free mods, brp, scotts damper, renthal fatbar all off my 99 wr!!!lucky me! (too broke for any cool stuff yet!!!)

Yes I still twist the throttle several openings every time when it is cold. Seems to work. Just a routine to go through to get an instant fire up.

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