"Uncorking" of the BRP is done!!

Hi guys, for most of you this is obvious as you have already done this. But now it's my turn to shout about the benefits of a good aftermarket exhaust and jet kit!

I did the $50.00 jet kit from Baja Designs which included the MainJet, Slowjet, spring, etc.. I then rode the bike and noticed different response and handling. Then on to step 2, Then I went and installed the FMF PowerCore 4 exhaust. Wow what a sound difference and performance difference!!!! The engine is completely unlabored now, no more tha.tha.tha.tha... it's now booms!

With power throughout what feels like the whole range of rpms. My buddie has a xr650r and my "L" really wasn't in the same league. But now I can really hang with him. Even my buddie says he loves how the uncorked bike now runs and sounds.

I'll state the obvious, If you buy a xr650l and it's not uncorked. Immediately get out your credit card and buy an exhaust and jet kit. now I'm officially a "PIG"! :)

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