What brand and model do you use? :)

Garmin Emap with ram mount from Indestructable, good software

Garmin Vista with mapsource and terrain navigator. Using a Ram mount.

Garmin E-Trex Legend with a Ram mount and remote "C"-cell battery pack. I will be powering it soon with a Trick Dual Sport Kit (has power plug on the side for Garmin gps.) You can see the positioning here:

GPS on Ram mount

I don't even notice or bump the gps at all when riding. I've been very happy with it. I did have to modify the ram mount to get it to fit this position.

There is one cool mount for the Garmin units pictured in this months DirtRider on page 150. Kinda pricey but way cool.

Be aware that any GPS you install on a thumper is going to be subject to extreme engine vibration, and unless you have the GPS "hardened" (glueing down the internal components), or unless you use a very good vibration dampening mount, the GPS will likely vibrate itself to death (literally) in no time. Call the folks at for more info. It only costs about $20 to have them hardened, or you can spend the big bucks and get the new tourtech vibration dampened mount (for Garmins) and go non-hardened on the GPS. Good luck.

I have seen several guys run the Garmin 3+ without the hardening, on 4 strokes, for lotsomiles and not have any problems. I know one guy that did have his "hardened", not at the company mentioned, and his battery life went to crap.

Because of the possibility of vibration damage that's precisely why I went with the ram mount from Cycoactive. They're "vibration isolated" already. I opted not to go with hardening because for $30 I got a three year, no-questions-asked replacement warranty on the gps.

This is an important question Keith S.

Do you need reading glasses? This isn't a slam. The Garmin E -series units have a small screen compared to the GPS V or GPSMAP 76S. Bouncing down the trail and trying to read the small screen is a challenge. Add the need for reading glasses on top of that and the E series is less appealing.

If your really shopping and have the bucks to spend call Cycoactive. These guys know GPS and bikes. Going high dollar with the Garmin GPS 176 solves the reading glasses issue with a huge screen. A color screen model is available too.

Lowrance iFinder

100000 track log points, 1000 waypoints, 1000 icons!

Also you can save them to disk(MMC/SD) to record even more!

I have an Etrex Legend with a Touratech mount from Cycoactive.

I am on my third Legend in less than a year.I works fine in tight slow speed trail work. But when I ride high speed desert, the high rpm vibrations will kill the screen.I get horizontal lines in it.

Garmin has been great and will send me a new unit in about ten days.

When I spoke with Cycoactive about my problem, they sent me some softer rubber bushings for the mount.

My next trip to the desert will be in May, so I won't know how it works until then.

I plan on taking a back up unit in my pack on the next trip just in case.

Garmin Vista with mapsource and terrain navigator. Using a Ram mount.

What is terrain navigator?

This is a cool shareware program that will take the waypoints and tracks from you gps and automatically download satellite and US topo images.

USAPhotoMaps 2.10

Screen issues with your Garmin...that's not too reassuring for me. :) I do ride some fast desert stuff but mostly it's slower, technical, single-track stuff. If I start going through as many gps's as you have in a year I will re-think my gps mounting.

If I start going through as many gps's as you have in a year I will re-think my gps mounting.

It only happens after extended high speed runs, 80+ mph for 20-50 miles. Once I do that, It's toast.

I have the Garmin V on my bike mounted with the Touratech. If you use the Touratech, you will not have any issues with vibration. I do not run with the batteries in the unit. I power the unit from the bikes battery. This set up is awesome. I can do high speed off road, glance at the unit and gather all the info in a split second. I am very happy with the display. The back light works very good in the dark as well. Here are some photos of it on my bike.

Pic Page

I don't wear glasses, so the small screen is not an issue, I'll stop to take a reading. I saw some really trick units, with the mounts, but I'm afraid I'll crash and destroy a $500+ unit. I'm leaning towards the E-trex line, vista, or another one with memory. :)


I have a garmin V on a ram mount on my bike. I have limited space due to the protapers,ICO computer and scott's damper. How did you use the touratech mount to fit the thick handlebars?? I cant' see the lower mount on your picture.


I used a RAM mount to go between the handlebars and the Touratech mount. It works real nice with what I have going on in the cockpit. I put the RAM ball on the handlebars as close to the bar clamps as possible. The arm of the ram then extends towards the grip end of the bars where it then attaches to the other ball mounted on the Touratech. It works great, plus I have the added benefit of the rubber ball mounts as extra vibration isolators. The RAM could also work as a give point if you don’t tighten it up all the way. That way, if you hit it, it will move on the ball instead of breaking your nice Touratech mount.

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