What exhaust do you use on your thumper?


What do you think about them (advantages and disadvantages)? What does work good with OEM head pipes (yeah, it's compromise)?

What's the best in price-perfomance sense?

(for hard-core racers and(or) weekend warriors)

FMF power core 4 s/a , It is louder then hell and seems to give me a bit more top end. Peple riding behind you wont like it cause it just blares at them. But i love it. I think this pipe is more for the track. But hell the price was right.

I run a used YZ muffler on my WR and am very pleased with.As far as performance and noise issues go, I don't know how it compares to aftermarket exhaust but it's a hell of alot better than my Canadian stocker. I paid $80.00 including shipping and couldn't be more satisfied. :)


Weekend warrior = FMF Mega Max2 with 5 discs.

I put a stock yz muffler on! Works great for the tracks.When i hit the desert i put the stock wr muffler back on Because of the spark arres.

I bought my 98 400f with a White Bros. E series already on it. Not sure how much power it added to the bike but it sure sounds kick a$$! He gave me the stock pipe also but I see no reason to put it back on.

I run a stock YZ 400 muffler (used, dirt cheap)

And a YAMAHA Stainless Steel header P/N-YZR-5GR93-10-SS

Both for under $200.

The header is bigger than the stock one and also allows for better access to the oil filter.


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A buddy of mine convinced me to get a Yoshimura system after I crushed the stock header. It was pretty pricy ($500 US), but I think it was worth it. The fit and finish are excellent, and absolutely no adjustments were needed to fit it to the bike. Needed to rejet a little richer, but the performance at mid throttle or above is outstanding!!! It stumbles a little below 1/4 throttle, but who rides that slow anyway!

It can be ordered with a spark arrestor and a tunble end cap that can limit the noise, but I dodn't get that option. Hope this helps...

I have a ssupertrapp on my 99. no complaints. :)

I have a stock WR muffler with 16 X 3/16th holes drilled in a ring around the 22mm centre core.

Derestricting the engine lead to excellent results but still quiet - FREE MOD!

A WB e series came with the bike. Some people think it is loud and others don't. I just up shift or coast when I'm near pedestrians to keep the noise down just in case. I like the power compared to the stock one. If I have an extra $300 bones laying around I may get the FMF Q pipe.

Right now I have to fix a few other things after my getoff today. :)

Originally posted by Jekel:

I have a ssupertrapp on my 99. no complaints. :)

you will have a complaint about it after you put on a power core IV or a White Brothers.

I am using a DSP. Sounds great if you like loud which I do. It is a great top end unit. I am changing to a power-bomb headder with FMF pipe for more lowend.


1) ceramic coating cuts down on heat

2) interchangable cores (Quiet and Race)

3) spark arrester

4) head pipe clears oil filter

5) may or may not make the most/ best power, but MUST be better than the stocker and is hopefully very quiet with the Quiet core

I could be wrong, but it seems to have more to suit my needs. I'll let you know (if and when I find one I can afford). The fact that you never see used ones for sale must indicate some satified customers..? :)

Lewichris: I have tried a 99YZ400 with a Powerbomb/powercore? and wasn't real impressed. :)

I use Thunder Alley. It was priced fairly ($267) and works great.

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